One of the hardest things to do...

is walk into a store and find the right size fitting bra. Did you know that nearly 85% of women are walking around with the wrong size bra? How many of you are pulling your band down, or the bra is pulling away from under your bust? Those are all indicators that the fit is off.

I highly recommend looking into a local bra store that will measure you for the perfect fit. As someone who used to run our family run bra store, I have tons of tips for you!

First - Sizing will vary across the board, depending on what country it is made in. Bras are also made in shallow, average, and full size cups. As we age you lose volume in your breast tissue, this causes us to become more shallow over time. If you grab a full sized 38C bra, even though it is "your size", there will be puckering in the cup since it is not the right fit for your shape. It makes it difficult to grab any bra off the rack, when you are unsure how that style runs.

Next, don't be afraid to go up and down in band or cup size. Every size has a sister size. I always loved going up on the cup size and down on the band size. It gives you more coverage, less spillage and your band won't be riding up in the back. Does this work for everyone? No. But it's worth trying!

Please, invest in good undergarments! Your shirt and outfit will only look as good as your bra does on you. Yes, a good bra will run you anywhere from $65 and up. Trust me, you will thank me later!

So what brands do I love? My top go to bras are Natori, Fantasie, Prima Donna, Marie Jo, Wacoal, Curvey Kate, Chantelle, Adore Me.

Are you ready to be professionally fit? Trust me, you will never look back! Best Bra Stores on Long Island to check out: The Fitting Curve in RVC, La Femme Dangereuse in Woodbury, Blums Swimwear & Intimate Apparel in Patchogue, Town Shop Lingerie NYC, Bra Tenders NYC

If you really need to shop at a department store, I suggest looking at Bloomingdales, Nordstrom. However, I am always a fan of giving small businesses my business and I suggest everyone goes to one of the above mentioned to support these ladies!

Now go make those tatas happy!! And tell them Anne-Marie sent you!

The Fitting Curve - Rockville Centre

Le Femme Dangereuse - Woodbury NY

Blums Intimate Apparel - Patchogue NY

Town Shop - NYC

Natori Bra

Featuring Marie Jo Bra